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The solution for preparing, composing and personalizing
complex printed matter

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The requirement to personalize print data requires extremely flexible mechanisms to carry out personalizations even from irregular data sources.

In contrast to the simple form letter, which is usually only generated from similar personalized data sets, flexible data sources represent a special challenge for personalization software.

data2print runs in Java on all computers with Windows, MAC and Linux as an application or server component.

Who is data2print worthwhile for?

data2print reduces recurring work to the absolute minimum. The error-prone, annoying, constant print preparation cycle “open, edit, save” is completely eliminated.

  • Fast implementation of complex personalization requirements
  • Composition of multiple data sources (XML, CSV, SQL) into different print PDFs
  • Generation of optimized print PDFs (minimum data increase per personalized page)
  • Frequent use for regular data transmissions
  • Create large quantities of individual print PDFs
  • Periodic processing of numerous existing import files
  • Print jobs from multiple paper trays with automatic post-processing

What is data2print?

data2print processes a configured program sequence. This control contains powerful commands for creating and manipulating PDF documents.

  • data2print is an extremely flexible program library
  • data2print transforms entire data sets with two clicks
  • data2print can be integrated “clicklessly” into an automatic prepress process
  • data2print masters complex personalization tasks using freely definable rules
  • data2print enables the division and reorganization of existing PDF documents

What is data2print not?

data2print is not worth it for individual personalization tasks, as programmatic configuration is somewhat more complex than graphically oriented personalization editors.

  • data2print does not require mouse operation
  • data2print is not a graphics program or a PDF editor