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Examples – Learning by Doing

data2print is an easy-to-learn programming language that can be used to implement complex PDF operations with minimal programming effort. On the following pages there are some examples with descriptions.

These show how complex things can be realized with just a few lines, which would mean hours of error-prone work if carried out "by hand".

Required files or structure

data2print is extremely compact and only requires a minimal number of files for a project.

data2print.exe The main program is compact in one file.
program flow.d2p The program flow is defined in a file. Double-click to start data2print and run this program.
template1bisN.pdf One or more PDF files into which variable content should be inserted.
template1bisN.compose.xml The compose file defines the areas within the corresponding PDF template, e.g. text areas, image areas.
The variable data is available as xml or csv files. SQL databases can also be queried.

The areas to be replaced can also be defined graphically within the PDF templates. data2print evaluates PDF form fields that are inserted into the PDF template using, for example, InDesign. Then the compose files can be partially or completely omitted.

Call via window

The resulting PDF processing programs can be accessed by simply clicking on them. The user can select PDF files, click options, enter page numbers, bleed values, etc. in a dialog. Clicking on OK then creates 1 or 10,000 PDF files.

Call via hotfolder or system

In addition to the manual call, the graphical selection of documents or data, the completely automated call can also take place via a "hotfolder" or system call. This shows its particular strength compared to graphic personalization tools.

Complete examples

Rearrange existing PDF documents
PDF document in individual pages
Split PDF document into front pages/back pages
Extract specific PDF pages
Extract specific PDF front/back pages

Composition of multiple PDF documents
Combine PDF documents
Scale PDF document
Duplicate PDF document on print sheet

Change existing PDF documents
Create multi-page mail merge
Resort PDF documents