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Example – Rearrange PDF documents

An existing PDF document contains invoices. The invoice & customer number etc. can be extracted and used as a basis for sorting or subsequent application of shipping characteristics.

<pdfparser file="{EingabeDatei}" variable="dokument">
      <regex>'.*Invoicenumber (.*)'</regex>

<log text="InvoiceNumber {dokument.InvoiceNumber}" />
<log text="BelegTyp {dokument.BelegTyp}" />
<log text="LeistungsBeginn {dokument.LeistungsBeginn}" />
<log text="InvoiceDate {dokument.InvoiceDate}" />
<log text="ReservierungsNummer {dokument.ReservierungsNummer}" />
<log text="KundeLandKennz {dokument.KundeLandKennz}" />